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Monorim manufacturer: Unique creations of eMobility.... Since 2016year passion on E-scooters & Ebikes Support: Oversea warehouse Dropship Support: Distribution sales Support: ODM/OEM manufacturer

MONORIM company will occupy the global market in the electric scooters & accessories & complete vehicles,& charging stastion supporting facilities industries, and set up supporting service offices.

In 2013, Zheng Jiezhong was employed by a well-known multinational design company, engaged in the industrial 3D design of electric station solidworks. During his station design, there were many successful cases such as government charging stations. During the station design work, Zheng Jiezhong also made a conceptual design for his two-wheeled green car as an amateur, so he designed a two-wheeled balance car. At that time, there were no products of balance car scooter brands such as Segway. In October 2016, the monorim brand officially entered the electric scooter, and began to adhere to the design concept of unique products, From May 2018 to May 2019, the sales of scooters slowly became numb in the market, and consumers were already fatigued, so Zheng decided to attack the field of scooter modification, and insisted on his belief: "Scooters need a unique sense of superiority and the concept of self-enjoyment fun. " Products are not only products, but also the embodiment of personal spiritual superiority. So the first product designed was the M0 Xiaomi front shock absorber, which was recognized by the market as soon as it came out, and was praised by fans all over the world. Starting in March 2020, Zheng began to recruit international and domestic design teams to conduct research on scooters around the world and insist on scooters. This unique feature has continuously designed and created the modification and upgrade of components for international brand cars. Until October 2021, 96 projects (upgrading and modification parts of xiaomi segway HX and other brands) have been circulated in the market, and have a wide range of products. spread