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Monorim B2 Pro Scooter Battery 48v 14.4ah for Xiaomi 4pro LS cells BMS Maximum withstand current is 60A

Monorim B2 Pro Scooter Battery 48v 14.4ah for Xiaomi 4pro LS cells BMS Maximum withstand current is 60A

Обычная цена $270.00 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $270.00 USD
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⛔️B2-PRO BMS最大承受电流为60ah。
足以支持AWD 500W*2。

⛔️B2 BMS最大承受电流为25ah。

⛔️Must be used with 48V controller

小米 m365/1s/essential/mi3
Aovo pro 365go
Kingsong X1
iezway ez6
Huffy H300

小米 pro2/pro1
Aovo pro es80
Hiboy s2/s2 pro ks4/ks4 pro
kingsong X1 pro
Porovo Lifestyle
vivobike s2/s2max
杜卡迪 PRO-I
iscooter i8/i9
isinwheel s9/s9pro/s9max
Hover-1 Journey
populo kickscooter
Flyebike H-1
Urban Glide 100 max

物理容量: 14.4ah >4150mah/cell


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🔋For B2 it is 13S3P :
Battery capacity : 14.4ah
Rated capacity : 12ah
Cells : 4000mah/pcs
Q1 : What is the cell capacity and rated capacity?

Battery capacity: It is what we often call "nominal capacity", which refers to the sum of the power of multiple lithium batteries in the battery, and the unit is milliampere-hour (mAh).

Rated capacity: That is, the minimum dischargeable capacity of the mobile power supply tested in the laboratory with the maximum load power discharge, the unit is milliampere-hour (mAh), which is closely related to how many times the mobile phone can be charged. (Note: The specified maximum load power is the wattage value of the highest output current capability.)


B2 Battery

B2 uses LS cells and has a powerful voltage of 48v and a large capacity of 14.4ah.XT60 interface


BC Battery Cover

BC battery cover, specially made for Xiaomi scooters series Enlarge the space of Xiaomi scooter body, provide good space for B2 battery placement. bc battery cover, with a depth of 3cm, can accommodate more devices, providing you with the possibility of future modifications.

(Separate purchase of BC)

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