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Monorim Dual52 Pro Upgraded to be AWD 48V 500W Dual-Drive 60km/h for Xiaomi Scooter pro1 Basic on U5 kit

Monorim Dual52 Pro Upgraded to be AWD 48V 500W Dual-Drive 60km/h for Xiaomi Scooter pro1 Basic on U5 kit

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⛔️Faults caused by cutting the mainboard or motor wires independently or not following the correct instructions for connecting other electronic products in parallel! Our company is not responsible for after-sales service and reserves the right of explanation!

⛔️Must be based on U5 kit.

⛔️The factory has been debugged in the default hacking mode, please do not hack again. If you have any questions, please consult customer service in time.

When switching the single-drive mode, the sub-board will only read the rear-drive information, and everything else is normal.

Package Includes:
1. Controller: minirobot 48v dual drive specialized controller
2. Motor : IP65 MONORIM D52 motor 500w
3. MD500w-PRO

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About Dual52 pro

60KM/h Upgrade Kit.

Based on U5 kit, make xiaomi scooter converted to AWD.2*500w motor, maximum speed up to 60kmh.
Provides more power and more speed.

Best regards, and enjoy driving , our monorim fans.


Dual52 AWD Controller

Dual52 is equipped with dual controllers to control front and rear U5 500w motors respectively.

It is possible to switch the operation of the motor freely.


Dual52-PRO motor

A rear motor made specifically for the xiaomi pro scooter.

(Separate purchase of motor for PRO front wheel use)

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Specially for MONORIM 500W MOTOR refit Brake functionsusing into Xiaomi FRAME.

(Click to purchase MD500W-PRO separately)

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A dashboard specially made for the Dual52.

In addition to meeting the basic functions of a general dashboard, it also has three additional drive modes.

Support front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and AWD, three modes; just press the button three times continuously to switch.

Dual52-PRO showtime