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Monorim U5 Upgrade Kit to be 48v 500w for Xiaomi Scooter pro1 Max Speed 50km/h

Monorim U5 Upgrade Kit to be 48v 500w for Xiaomi Scooter pro1 Max Speed 50km/h

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⛔️Faults caused by cutting the mainboard or motor wires independently or not following the correct instructions for connecting other electronic products in parallel! Our company is not responsible for after-sales service and reserves the right of explanation!

Compatible Models
For non-pro:
Xiaomi m365/1s/essential/mi3
Aovo pro 365go
Kingsong X1
iezway ez6
Huffy H300
Red Bull Racing class

For pro:
Xiaomi pro2/pro1
Aovo pro es80
Hiboy s2/s2 pro ks4/ks4 pro
kingsong X1 pro
Porovo Lifestyle
vivobike s2/s2max
Ducati PRO-I
iscooter i8/i9
isinwheel s9/s9pro/s9max
Hover-1 Journey
populo kickscooter
Flyebike H-1
urban glide 100 max

Package Includes:
1. Battery: 48v 14.4ah LS/NL power cells +cover;
2. Controller: minirobot 48v 50km/h;
3. Motor : IP65 monorim 500w;
4. Charger : 54.6ah 2ah CE pasted;
5. Brake system: x-tech & brake lever +120/140mm disk.

Physical capacity :14.4ah with >4150mah / cell

⛔️Do not hack or upgrade the program yourself, the factory has adjusted the settings
⛔️The batteries in the kit will be shipped separately from the other items and the customer will receive two packages.

Shipping & Returns

Packaged goods 1-2days. Shipping time 10-12days

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About U5 V2.0

50KM/h Upgrade Kit.

We are professional to provide customers with 36v upgrade to 48v power 500w configuration.

Simultaneously upgrading motor, battery, controller and brake system to provide more power, faster speed and better braking performance.

Best regards, and enjoy driving , our monorim fans.


U5 V2.0 Controller

U5 v2.0 controller can provide steady speed and sensitive control of braking and direction changes.

Need to be used together with 48V battery and U5 motor.

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This motor is for buyers of the original U5 V1.0 package to upgrade to v2.0 hacker mode for replacement.

After driving weight loaded, it can't reach the actual speed 65km/h when working . because the power is only 500w, it will be based on the load , more heavy and more low voltage of the battery, it will cause the speed to vary between 40-55km/h .

If you really pursue high power and working higher speed, it is recommended to buy an extra set of our dual52 pro, the power will reach 1000w, and the speed can be maintained above 60km/h when the voltage is above 53v!

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B2/B2 PRO Battery

B2 PRO BMS Maximum withstand current is 60ah.
Sufficient to support dual-drive 500W motors.

B2 BMS Maximum withstand current is 25ah.
support for AWD 380w*2

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Brake System

1. X-tech disc brake caliper

2. 120mm disk

3. MONORIM frame adapter

4. Brake Lever

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Monorim EC01 54.6V 2A charger for 48v battery pasted CE FCC.

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